\ˈsər-vəs\ \ˈkȯrs\

Translated from French: Race Department.  A professional race team's service course is where all mechanical care and supply takes place.  The mechanics there clean and maintain all bikes between races and training.  



Or get your first 6-Months or Year at a Steep Discount

$150 for first 6 Months (1 Month Free)


$275 for First Year (3 Months free)



Quick Tune Up

Complete Tune Up

Fix Flat

Adjust Brakes

Adjust Shifting

True Wheel

Fender Install

Pack for shipping

Unpack After Shipping

Replace Cables

Average Shop Price











Velopez Service Course


Included Every 6 Months









You Get The Idea...

If you simply take advantage of a tune up ($145) from Velopez Service Course and fix 1 flat ($10) you will already have saved a few bucks.  But don't stop there! Let's keep your bike in amazing condition.

How About Some Fringe Benefits?

Throughout the year Velopez will be offering educational clinics on nutrition, mechanics, commuting, and anything enough members request.  Want to know the basics of bike fitting?  Simply ask!

Any members interested in commuting, but still unsure, can ask for a guided ride from your home to your workplace.  I will show you safe routes and help you on your new journey.  Plus we get to ride together!

Want to fix your bike yourself but don't want to buy all the tools?  Come use mine!

Have a question related to bikes?  Or need help deciding on which bike or part to get.  Come to the studio and have a coffee with me.  We will figure it out together.

What Isn't Included?

Well, Parts, mostly.  But if you need a part you will get a member discount. You are also welcome to bring your own parts. Also Velopez Bike Fit services are not included.  But again, members get a discount.  Some services are not included either, like a full wheel build ($100) or a complete overhaul.  If you need something exotic done (e.g. Solder Di2 wiring) we an take it on a case by case basis.  If you are interested but don't see a service you feel is critical in the included list, please ask.  More than likely it will be included and I just forgot to list it.