At Velopez we use video analysis and a combination of Slowtwitch's protocol for positioning and BikeFit Systems' protocol for foot/pedal interface.  Triathletes of all levels and distances will benefit heartily from a thorough bike fit.   Even on the Run! 

Bike Benefits

While aero-position on a bike involves more extreme hip flexion a triathlete can actually be more relaxed and comfortable than a road cyclist.  This is due to the fact that your upper body is resting on your elbows, which puts your weight on the skeleton.   Whether you are racing 12 or 112 miles relaxed shoulders and healthy hip flexion are serious performance builders.   When used improperly, however, the aero position is uncomfortable, unstable and frankly unsafe. 

Included in a Velopez Triathlon Fit

  • Rider Interview

  • Pedal Spindle and Ankling Assessment

  • Foot Medial/Lateral and Knee Alignment Assessment

  • Cleat Rotation Assessment

  • Forefoot Varus Tilt assessment and Accommodation

  • Leg Length Discrepancy Accommodation (rare, but offered)

  • Saddle Session to choose most comfortable saddle

  • Saddle Height Position with Running considered

  • Saddle Fore-Aft Position with Running considered

  • Hip Flexion Analysis

  • Shoulder Flexion Analysis

  • Sizing Stem Session to choose best stem length/angle

  • Elbow Rest Pad width adjustment.

  • Full Online Fit Report

    • Photos and Videos taken during the fit

    • All Body measurements taken during the fit

    • Final Bike Dimensions for future reference

  • Follow up Fee Waived for 30 days.

Run Benefits

A comfortable athlete with no pain or discomfort is an athlete who can run more easily.  A bike fit at Velopez focuses so minutely at the foot/pedal interface that your feet will be relaxed and pain free when you start your run.   In addition to that, there are many saddle position decisions that affect which muscles you are using during your bike.  We work to keep your running muscles as rested as possible while still maximizing bike performance.

FootBalance Custom Footbeds

An optional but wonderful addition to your triathlon fit.   Footbalance footbeds are heat molded and customized to your specific feet.   

At Velopez we are very happy with how Footbalance has served our athletes and we encourage any triathlete to use them.  The responsive arch support actually gives you back some energy you loose to arch collapse and keeps your feet feeling awesome.  Great for your bike shoes and your run shoes.

We discount Footbalance for our Fit clients due to how much we believe in this contact point.  To add the insoles and custom molding during your fit the additional cost is $75.  Ask your fitter about them at the beginning of your fit!