Buying a new bike and worried about falling into the trap of getting the wrong size?   With a Sizing from Velopez you can shop with absolute confidence.   With a sizing we use a Retul Muve sizing bike combined with Video Analysis to find a good position for your body, completely agnostic of any frame or bike configuration.  We then use the geometry behind Slowtwitch's Stack and Reach method to mathematically understand which real-world bikes can recreate that position for you.  

You are provided not only with the dimensions of the position we establish during your sizing, but also with a curated list of bike that we guarantee fit you and fit your riding style.

The Process

  1. We have a Sizing Appointment to understand your body and it's ideal position

    1. We use video analysis and your feedback to establish this position

    2. Includes a brief saddle session to find a saddle that works for your body.

  2. Velopez extracts the necessary dimensions from the sizing bike to record and report your body's position

  3. You receive your Sizing report and a list of bikes that we encourage you to seriously consider.

  4. You Buy your bike!

    1. You can test ride the suggested bikes or just order them online. We guarantee the fit

  5. You come back to Velopez to finalize your fit in an included fit appointment or triathlon fit appointment

    1. No additional cost!

    2. Full Foot/Pedal adjustment at this point.