The best fit in town!  The Velopez Road Fit is meant for commuters, century riders, bike racers and tourers.   If you ride your bike on the road, you've come to the right place.  We use a BikeFit Systems protocol combined with Video analysis during your appointment.   

Address Pain

A bike fit is a great idea for anyone with foot, knee back or hand discomfort or pain.   Misalignment or simply poor component choices can cause all sorts of issues and you do not need to feel discomfort on a bike!

The science of bike fit theory has come so far in the last 10 years and having a qualified fitter who has taken the time to keep up with the new developments and is committed to keep doing so is critically beneficial.   

So many cyclists thing pain or discomfort is just "part of the experience".  It absolutely is not!

Included in a Velopez Road Fit

  • Rider Interview

  • Pedal Spindle and Ankling Assessment

  • Foot Medial/Lateral and Knee Alignment Assessment

  • Cleat Rotation Assessment

  • Forefoot Varus Tilt assessment and Accommodation

  • Leg Length Discrepancy Accommodation (rare, but offered)

  • Saddle Session to choose most comfortable saddle

  • Saddle Height Positioning

  • Saddle Fore-Aft Positioning

  • Hip Flexion Analysis

  • Shoulder Flexion Analysis

  • Sizing Stem Session to choose best stem length/angle

  • Full Online Fit Report

    • Photos and Videos taken during the fit

    • All Body measurements taken during the fit

    • Final Bike Dimensions for future reference

  • Follow up Fee Waived for 30 days.

Gain A Competitive Edge

Bike Racer?   Us too.

First off, you are absolutely sure you are comfortable on the bike and we are confident you are wrong.  Bike Racers fetishize suffering so much that many overlook the difference between the sweet suffering of performance and just plain ol' needless discomfort.

So you should read the address pain section.

But you are also leaving precious watts unclaimed due to the same misalignments that cause commuters and century riders (and you) discomfort.   Not only does increasing your comfort increase performance, but during a fit appointment we can make great decisions to increase performance even further!   

FootBalance Custom Footbeds

An optional but wonderful addition to your foad fit.   Footbalance footbeds are heat molded and customized to your specific feet.   

At Velopez we are very happy with how Footbalance has served our clients and we encourage any cyclist to use them.  The responsive arch support actually gives you back some energy you loose to arch collapse and keeps your feet feeling awesome.  Great for your bike shoes.

We discount Footbalance for our Fit clients due to how much we believe in this contact point.  To add the insoles and custom molding during your fit the additional cost is $75.  Ask your fitter about them at the beginning of your fit!