I have a new service: Bike Maintenance! 

And I want you to sign up for it.

But first let me tell you about it.   When I first came across the concept of the "Service Course" that professional teams use, I was unsuprisingly enamored.   "Service Course", translated from French, means "Race Department".   It is the name for the building and staff that store, maintain and supply professional race teams' bikes and equipment.  

So after a race, the big trailer of super high-end bikes leaves the finish line and drops off the equipment at the Service Course while the Racers get their massages.   There the bikes are cared for and rebuilt.

Then one day the team I raced for (at a very, very, very amateur level. Seriously, I worked really really hard to be in the middle of the lowest level pack) got a sponsorship from a local shop and the shop provided a Service Course for the Cat 1 (highest category) racers.  The mechanics would even go to some big races and take care of bikes. 

It. Was. So. Cool.

As a result of those experiences, whenever a fit client would ask if I could help with a quick adjustment, or a tune up, or a part switch, I would think about how cool it would be to have your own Service Course.  

So I made one!

I know a lot of people could use a service that provides for their bikes.  So I decided to give it a shot.  I've created Velopez Service Course.  It is a membership to Velopez that takes care of your mechanical needs as well as provides clinics and other benefits.   It comes with 2 tuneups a year and all the wrench work you need for your bike.  Just drop off your bike and let me know what you need.

I honestly don't know if this is a business model that is sustainable.  But it just feels like something that should exist.  Who wants to deal with a different shop employee whenever you need something done on your bike?  So I am going to try to build this and I want you along for the ride.

Take a look if you have any questions.

Come along for the ride!