Pretty Depressing....

Last Friday I signed the lease on the new Velopez bike fitting studio in Fremont.  I spent the rest of the weekend either racing or in the studio, setting up.  There was 1 small break for watching Paris-Roubaix, which was phenomenal.  

The studio I leased is a super depressing, echo-y white room with fluorescent lighting.  So I'm working on ways to jazz it up and make it a more comfortable place for someone to come too.  I added an accent wall, a nice orange peg board, and a framed picture or two.

It's hard to paint high without a ladder.  Anyone wanna loan me a ladder? =-D

I also moved in my tools and equipment.  I've set up the actual fitting setup a couple of times for people to come in and have a fit.  Mostly just run-throughs so I know where to put things and how the space will need to work.

The last big things I need are shelving units for the saddles and other stock.  I have an idea for a stone-henge of Ikea Expidit shelves, but that might be a bit pricey =-D.