First Shipment!

I received my first shipment of Selle SMP saddles!  When I got my first BikeFit fit, the most memorable moment was choosing my current saddle, a Selle SMP Glider, from a selection of 10-15.  I tried every saddle in about 5 minutes with the BikeFit "Switchit" (Watch the video) and settled on the Glider.

Naturally, when choosing what saddles to carry Selle SMP was on the top of my list.  I, of course, have the Glider and additionally 3 other Selle SMP Saddles that I feel covers a broad range of pelvis widths and padding thickness.

  1. Glider
  2. Dynamic
  3. Avant
  4. Hybrid

I am also working on stocking Fizik, Specialized, Cobb and Adamo saddles, but the Selle SMP's were the priority to start with.