I spent the weekend at BikeFit's offices with the old-time masters of fitting passing down their wisdom.  

Students and Teachers.

Students and Teachers.

The two days of training were long, but dazzling.  We cranked through 6 different client's bike fits during the weekend.  Even in only 5 fits the massive variety we saw blew me away.  Every cyclist presents their own unique issues and a bike fitter really becomes more of a detective.  We simply know the questions to ask, the athlete has all the answers needed.  It takes focus and expertise.

But holy cow was it worth it.  The blown away expression or smile on those cyclists faces when they felt the benefit our changes were provided really put some wind in my sails. We changed riding for them, and that felt awesome!

So I got my new certification and sweet BikeFit t-shirt.  It was a great weekend.