New Fitter: Meet Shannon

It. is. exhausting! find someone skilled and passionate enough to perform fits at a level of quality Velopez can be proud of.   We are so super excited to have only the second fitter to make the cut: Welcome Shannon!  She is officially live on the website and you can book a fit with her today. 

An introduction in her own words:

I'm Shannon Leigh.  I live bikes, and love sharing that passion!  I grew up in the Seattle area and have always loved the outdoors.  I started biking as a commuter and got a job at a bike shop while going to school for Environmental Studies.  Well, I fell head over heels for the cycling world- took up distance road riding, bike-touring, gravel grinding, tried out cyclocross, and got deep into the dirt with mountain biking.  I love it all!  I'm happiest on two wheels. By the way - a proper fit is a game-changer for all of these disciplines!

A turning point in my riding was the first time I got my bike fit to me; I had no idea I could ride for hours without pain in my knees, and I almost instantly was holding a higher speed for longer time. I have had the honor of helping other people realize how a bike fit can improve comfort and performance for several years now.  Two of my favorite comments I have received as feedback from riders I fit; "I rode 8 miles with my family to get ice cream, I never thought I would be able to do that!" and "Wow, I had no idea it was possible to accelerate UP a hill!"  I am certified through Bike Fit and SBCU and learn something new from every person I help fit.

I love making people happy on their bikes!  That's why I am so excited to be part of the Velopez Bike Fit team; we all share a passion for bikes and for enhancing other riders' experiences.

I look forward to helping you improve your cycling experience!




Ever heard of Sufferfest?

Velopez has partnered with Sufferfest to bring their awesome workouts and videos to our classes at the Cycle Studio!

You will ride your own bike and, thanks to our Wahoo smart trainers, will get a workout that is specifically customized to your fitness level.   Newbie cyclists and hardcore racers alike can be in the same room, getting an awesome workout together.  It's a blast.

We will be offering these classes all winter and if you are interested the first class is free to try.  Just use the coupon code TRYUSOUT.