Your First Class is on us so you can see what we're all about

What is indoor cycling at Velopez Cycle Studio?

Open to any level rider! Our classes make use of power trainers to make your own bike a state-of-the-art training tool.  Your workout is specifically tailored to your current level of fitness using FTP (See Below).  So everyone in class get's a great workout at their level.

What do I need to Bring?

  1. Your Bike
  2. Cycling Clothing and Bike Shoes
  3. A Towel (you will sweat if we do our jobs right)
  4. Water (also available at the studio)

Pricing Options

  • $20 1-Time Drop In Fee
  • $175 10-class Punch Card (Best for most athletes)
  • $125 Monthly Membership
  • $1350 Annual Membership

If you are interested but would like more information feel free to ask! Use this button to send us your questions.

What is FTP?

Functional Threshold Power.  In over-simplified terms this is the level of pedaling effort at which your legs start to burn.  In less simplified terms it is the level of effort you would theoretically be able to hold for an hours.  In even less simplified terms it is when you switch from your aerobic energy systems to your anaerobic systems.  Power is measured in Watts, like a light bulb.  The trainers at VCS measure and read out your pedaling wattage.  

Once you establish your FTP, you can base all your workout efforts on a percentage of your FTP.   A workout at VCS might be something like

  • 10 Minute Warmup at 50% of FTP
  • 1 minute interval at 110% of FTP
  • 30 second rest at 75% of FTP
  • and so on and so forth.

This way everyone gets the same workout and the differences in fitness among the cyclists are no longer an issue!